Shubham Soni Showreel 2021 - Digital Compositing and 3D Artist.

My Personal Work

Tears of Steel Shot - Personal Compositing Project

Tears of Steel is an open movie project by the Blender Foundation. They have shared all the raw footage from the movie on the internet to allow people to practice their VFX work. I utilized one shot and created a CG environment using the Mega Scans library, as well as done 3D camera tracking, layout, lighting, and compositing.

May, 2022

Astronaut Moon Walk

This is my entry for pwnisher's Alternate Realities Challenge on YouTube. Artists create a 3D environment around a provided layout without altering its animation or position. The looped animation allows global participants' artwork to continuously loop, with only the environment changing. Watch here:

May, 2021

 Swarm Drones Attack

My Submission for the MAAC 24FPS Skill Set "Best Compositing" category 2021. 24FPS International Animation Award is an exclusive event of MAAC where thousands of students participate to showcase their creative works in various categories. I participated in "Best Compositing" category and Won Gold. Watch here:

Jan, 2021

Remake of Apple Watch TVC - Product Visualization

Apple Watch Series 4 TVC recreation product visualization. I recreated a TV commercial for the Apple Watch Series 4 to demonstrate and hone my product visualization skills. I was responsible for texturing, animation, lighting, and compositing.​

Sep, 2020

Tesla Model 3 TVC - Product Visualization

My submission to Automotive CG Challenge by Andrey Lebrov. It was a community CG challenge hosted by Andrey Lebrov on YouTube. He tasked artists with creating short films displaying their skills in 3D, focusing on automotive subjects.

I was responsible for texturing, animation, lighting, and compositing Watch here:  

Aug, 2020

Product Visualization

Here are some of the product visualization projects I've completed for clients as a freelance artist. This includes modeling, texturing, lighting, and compositing.

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